leaf meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
leaf meaning in tamil is இலை

leaf meaning in tamil with example

leaf tamil meaning and more example for leaf will be given in tamil.
On Tuesday two persons including a betel leaf vendor from Bihar were shot dead in Thoubal district. After long years of research on the tala patra grandhas palm leaf manuscripts the scholar brought to light little known facts. Despite pesticide sprays the plants were riddled with pests including bacterial leaf spot cercospora leaf spot yellow vein mosaic spotted bollworm powdery mildew spodoptera jassids aphids and white fly. Also available will be tribal paintings ranging from the Worli tradition to the Gond one and Pithora to Palm leaf painting. The students were told that all of a coconut tree had uses with the rib of the leaf used for making brooms and even for cleaning the tongue. A thriller What makes it a leaf from a fascinating thriller story was the nailbiting climactic stage. The onset of summer means the tomato crop becomes vulnerable to the leaf curl virus with its whitefly vector Bemisia tabaci. Three varieties of tomato Sankranti Nandi and Vaibhav developed by the University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore which were launched here on Monday are resistant to the leaf curl virus. At the training workshop on tackling tomato leaf curl disease and whitefly which was inaugurated on Monday by John Colvin project coordinator University of Greenwich U.K. Horticulture Minister R. Fine gold leaf was fixed in between gold plated silver lines and stones so that the entire exposed area was sealed with gold leaf. The competition will be for six regions151 the Nilgiris Highranges Anamallais Travancore Wayanad and Karnataka and other minor districts plus bought leaf sector.