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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
knowhow meaning in tamil is சிறப்புத்துறை அறிவு

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Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar who was present on the occasion said the agreement would network the Shells immense knowledge base with ONGCs knowhow to bring to the fore innovation needed in discovering new oil and gas in India. The RASTA has been coordinating with the District Industries Centre for expertise in smallscale industry the Agriculture Department for knowhow in small farming the Balusserybased food processing centre in preparation of food items and with Uravu for knowhow in bamboo craft. Any innovator 151 farmers artisans engineers scientists medical practitioners housewives or even students 151 with an original idea invention knowhow could use support under the programme. The joint venture will take the help with technology and expertise in chassis and aggregates from Tata Motors and expertise and knowhow in processes and systems for bodybuilding and bus body design from Marcopolo. Chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc AMD on Wednesday held its first developer conference in India with the aim of empowering developers IT managers technomarketers and architects in organisations with the knowhow and tools needed to develop effective software solutions. The agreement would see TEAC providing Salora with technical knowhow of its products and assistance in manufacturing them. Migrants not only build better lives for themselves and their families but are also agents of development 151 economic social and cultural 151 in the countries they go and work in while they inspire with newwon ideas and knowhow when they return.