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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
juggle meaning in tamil is செப்படி வித்தை செய், மோசடி செய், ஏமாற்று, செய்திகளைத் திரித்துக் கூறு

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juggle tamil meaning and more example for juggle will be given in tamil.
The Western dimension of the promised fusion percussion would be complete with the Uzbek performers intricate rhythms on four different drums that he would juggle with instead of placing them on a fixed stand. Like other expert groups before it the Rangarajan Committee had to juggle with the task of apportioning the burden of oil prices among the consumers the oil companies and the exchequer. Youngsters juggle the ball at the summer football coaching camp at IGMC stadium in Vijayawada on Thursday. It is more in young institutions where the managements juggle their investments in building construction lab facilities improving other amenities and staff payment which is usually poor. Yediyurappa had defied party diktat to juggle the ministerial candidates and include three more than the eight members whom the central leadership had wanted to be sworn in. Like Varalaxmi Saikiran Devakumar Ashwini and Asia Begum live in Rasoolpura slum and juggle from home to school and to workplace to shore up the family income. Poor roads added to the difficulties of working women who had to juggle work and family responsibilities. Many times past you juggle the possibilities and see at least one firm peg to hang a few calculations on. The students of B.B.V. High School had some fun during The HolyIndia Newspaper in Education NIE class as they tried to juggle with words from the newspaper and brought out some interesting new words. The party had till Monday received over 10000 applications from those desirous of tickets and would now have to juggle with more paperwork in order to identify candidates for the 70 changed wards.