jerk meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
jerk meaning in tamil is புகையிரதம்) குலுக்கல்

jerk meaning in tamil with example

jerk tamil meaning and more example for jerk will be given in tamil.
As the bus started moving he suddenly slipped due to a jerk and came under the rear wheels of the bus the L.B. Nagar police said. Kunjarani Devi won the first gold medal of the 2006 Commonwealth Games setting a new clean and jerk record to overcome Canadas Marilou DozoisPrevost on Thursday. DozoisPrevost maintained a starting weight in clean and jerk ahead of Devi who started with 88 kg and then lifted 91 and 94. DozoisPrevost had a stroke of good luck when her second clean and jerk lift of 89 kg was first ruled no lift by the judges but the decision was overruled by the jury on the spot. DozoisPrevost equalled Kunjaranis fouryearold games record of 92 kg in clean and jerk with her final attempt only to see her Indian rival overhaul her again with her last lift. Wrong foot In clean and jerk Murugesan started on the wrong foot failing to lift 145kg and that proved to be his undoing. Rosa Joshi Usha Shaju Chennai The order seems to be a knee jerk reaction to a simple remark of the police chief. Anjaneyulu said that the cyst could have burst or a sudden jerk could have caused an irretrievable damage. Sreesanth would have given few West Indian batsmen much to ponder over their ackee and saltfish or roti and jerk chicken depending on which island they come from. Though the ticket is almost double the fare for train and other regular coaches people do not mind paying more for the jerk and noisefree journey for air suspension airconditioned comfort cosy seats audiovideo entertainment and above all speed.