jellyfish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
jellyfish meaning in tamil is இழுது மீன்

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Lurz won the mens event for the third time in a row and Ilchenko made it four successive victories in the womens race after competitors were forced to battle waves and a swarm of jellyfish at St. Russian swimmer Larisa Ilchenko picked up her second open water gold medal of the World championships on Tuesday ignoring the pain of jellyfish stings to edge Britains Cassandra Patten in the 10km race. In addition to the jellyfish stings she had her goggles knocked off at the first feeding station and had to hang on a buoy until a worker sent out another pair. We have entered the paper tells us the era of jellyfish ascendancy. Its a good symbol. The jellyfish represents the collapse of the ecosystem and the spinelessness of the people charged with protecting it.