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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
jainism meaning in tamil is சமணம்

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The Vidhwans visited 14 basadis or Jain temples and the cave in which Muni Bhadrabahu one of the founders of Shravanabelagola who was responsible for the spread of Jainism in the south attained salvation. Yakobi played an important role in changing the notion that Jainism was an offshoot of Buddhism and advocating that Jainism as an independent religion he said. Asked to what extent the ideals of Jainism were relevant to contemporary society in the wake of global terror Dr. About the contribution of Karnataka to Jainism he said Mysore royal family was instrumental in protecting Jainism and in preserving Shravanabelagola. About the contribution of Jainism to Tamil literature he said many Tamil works were influenced by Jain literature and great Jain munis. Talk on Jainism Shri Shankarlal Sundarbai Shasun Jain College for Women T Nagar organised a talk on the Basic Tenets of Jainism and Candanbala by Priya Jain Department of Jainology University of Madras. Shettar an authority on Digambara sect of Jainism and Karnataka art and history some believe that the Kalyani was the original biligola. Kalam said the practice of truth ahimsa and vairagya that are the tenets of Jainism was relevant in modern times and the message of peace and nonviolence as enunciated by Bahubali should be taken to all parts of the country. Kalam went nostalgic at the sight of the Jain Munis who congregated here and described his spiritual experience when he visited Pavapuri and recalled the contribution of Jainism to Indian philosophy thought literature and science.