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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
issues meaning in tamil is இடுவுகள்

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A threeyear programme 151 aimed at enhancing MPs commitment to development and poverty reduction issues 151 launched in September this year by ICPRD found four MPs from the north in Bangalore interacting with a crosssection of society. Bharat Darshan In November there were five MPs in Jaipur 151 three from the south and two from the host State Rajasthan 151 discussing the burning issues of the region. The exposure visits provided the MPs with an opportunity to learn about the issues in the States from their Governors. Azad on initiating a caucus for development issues in Parliament said the pains revived the memories of Mahatma Gandhi. Efforts are under way to sort out the issues raised by the people of the complex particularly related to visa seekers thronging the place. Advani as the RSS favourite failed to deliver on issues such as the Ram temple when the BJP was in power. Besides this the Left parties would also discuss issues like airport privatisation pension funds and foreign direct investment in retail trade. Gouri had not liked his raising the issues relating to the damage wrought in Kasaragod district by Endosulfan and the support he had extended to shift the piggery that was polluting a large area in Thrissur district. Sharma after his installation as DPCC president managed to get a major say for the party and its leaders on issues relating to policymaking and governance. The State unit of Democratic Youth Federation of India DYFI has urged the Government to amicably solve issues pertaining to teachers taken on contract by computer firms such as NIIT Edu.Comp and APTECH for the Mahiti Sindhu programme.