ignored meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ignored meaning in tamil is அலட்சியப்படுத்து,புறக்கணி

ignored meaning in tamil with example

ignored tamil meaning and more example for ignored will be given in tamil.
They said Kurnool which was the first capital of Andhra State was ignored by the rulers for a long time. The industrial sector has been completely ignored by the Kerala State Electricity Board when it decided to recommend a cut in power tariff for the domestic and service sectors said a press release from Kerala High Tension and Extra High Tension Industrial Electricity Consumers Association here. But the civic workers have ignored patching up a few potholes on these roads residents pointed out. The Mangalore City Corporation has developed markets in various places but has ignored the Jeppu Market. Rao explained that he was facing embarrassing situations as the Sports Minister was ignored at various functions and in publicity material too. The report that had been ignored all these years was now being resurrected as Assembly elections were round the corner the CPIM State secretary pointed out. The agitating junior doctors who demanded levying of usercharges for providing better services at the hospitals were ignored and the State Government seemed to have suddenly decided to levy the charges said Dr. The demonstrators said the protest became inevitable because the elected members concerned had ignored their pleas for water. Srihari alleged that the Government had totally ignored Sriramsagar II work as also that of the flood flow canal. America has ignored British experience but people will go on buying newspapers provided they keep updating their content and presentation. First a doctor killed my wife with his negligence and later officials ignored the court direction to pay compensation to me.