ignition meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ignition meaning in tamil is எரியத் தூண்டுதல்

ignition meaning in tamil with example

ignition tamil meaning and more example for ignition will be given in tamil.
He said that biogas was 20 per cent lighter than air and had an ignition temperature in the range of 650 to 750 degree Celsius. A small source of ignition will ignite the airfuel mixture which in turn will be transmitted to the place where highly volatile and inflammable materials are stored and handled. With energy resource crisis threatening the world scientists recommend the extraction of deuterium from sea water and the ignition of nuclear fusion of this element in temperatures as high as 100 million degrees Celsius. A day after the explosion in a scrap godown in Governorpet the city police on Wednesday came to a conclusion that the explosion might have occurred due to accidental ignition of Freon a gas used in refrigerators and airconditioners. Some explosive material like gelatine or RDX might have been stored in the godown along with the scrap and an ignition might have caused the explosion the sources said. With the threestage GSLVF02 fully integrated and the satellite mated with the vehicle the launch campaign is peaking for the ignition on July 10. These are complex systems and the cause of failure has to be reproduced on the ground through simulation from the collected data to take corrective action. The problem arose after 70 seconds just before the ignition of the second stage. Its entertainment cricket rather than skilful cricket. Come August and he will once again turn the ignition key. Counsel said one of the accused tried to open the car for switching on the bomb in a hurry resulting in his using the ignition key instead of the door key.