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Cameron urged his party members to set example for others by personal commitment to the ideas they believed in151 as Gandhi did. Exchange ideas Inaugurating the proceedings E. Vadivelu Dean Horticulture TNAU said that all those in the mango supply chain ought to exchange ideas so that they could understand one anothers problems and come up with effective action plans. Sathi Reddy mobile 9440608743 the aim of the meet is to bring the alumni on a common platform to provide institutional facilities for the dissemination of ideas and information about AUs values traditions and contribution to national development. The suggestion is to levy excise duty on motor vehicles run on diesel used to transport passengers except those meant for public transport tax on luxury cars and higher rate of excise for generators used for industry and private purposes are other ideas mooted. If India is to hold its own against global competition the IT workforce should leverage its ideas and skills and emerge from lowlevel to strategic players in the business goals of clients and prove its efficiency on the world arena he said. Historic interaction The Hurriyat leaders are in Muzaffarabad to essentially share the grief of the quake victims in PoK and discuss ideas on how they could help in the relief and rehabilitation process. The tendency to write off inconvenient ideas and rival political or intellectual trends is old hat but pronouncing the death of ideology itself is a uniquely postmodernist phenomenon as bizarre as theories about ahistorical past and apolitical history.