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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ideals meaning in tamil is இலட்சியம்

ideals meaning in tamil with example

ideals tamil meaning and more example for ideals will be given in tamil.
According to Pillai Rangaprabhat is not an attempt to create stage artistes out of children it is an effort to utilise the infinite potential of performing arts to propagate noble ideals among them for social change. Peter Flugel of the Centre for Jain studies in the University of London is of the view that it is difficult to combat terrorism through ideals of any religion as they are understood and practised by very few people across the world. Asked to what extent the ideals of Jainism were relevant to contemporary society in the wake of global terror Dr. The Minister called upon the children to read books written by great personalities and follow their ideals and principles. Deputy Commissioner Munish Moudgil who inaugurated the celebrations said Swami Vivekanandas ideals were more relevant today than ever. Terming Bahubali as the greatest Jain saint he said that the ideals for which the former stood for was more relevant to the present day society which had become corrupted. Ananthaiah and his supporters said they would rededicate themselves to the ideals of NTR on this occasion. Although he avoided directly mentioning the RSS except to remember the centenary year of Guruji the RSS chief who held sway over the organisation for 33 years from 1940 to 1973 he urged the party and the cadre to follow his ideals and principles. Students are taught ideals of patriotism equality and brotherhood on a purely religious and spiritual platform. Freedom fighter and Gandhian Narasimha Dabade has called upon the youth to follow the ideals of Netaji Subas Chandra Bose.