hesitation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hesitation meaning in tamil is தயக்கம்

hesitation meaning in tamil with example

hesitation tamil meaning and more example for hesitation will be given in tamil.
The Government had no hesitation in recognising the contributions of the NSS in educational and health sectors. Vishwanath had told presspersons that they had no hesitation in making the first move to form an alliance with AIPJD. If the Government is confident about the correctness of the path it is going down there should be no hesitation in encouraging the widest possible debate. Though women constitute 50 per cent of the population hesitation and lack of education are preventing them from occupying top posts Saroja Krishnaswamy Assistant Professor Department of Home Science University of Agricultural Sciences has said. While there are some reservations and hesitation on the part of professionals to accept such changes we in the central council have taken the lead he said. Matter of numbers He said the Congress was committed to the issue and had no hesitation in conceding the demand of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi TRS. Though the party has chosen to tread the Dravidian path the cadres did not have any hesitation in pulling out a scene from the famous Hindu epic Mahabharatha to send a message to the public. Clearly the Government of India has shed its earlier hesitation in the Head of State travelling to Myanmar. We are conscious of our responsibilities and dont have the slightest hesitation in affirming that it is entitled to the highest respect. Mr. Deve Gowdas hesitation to initiate action against his son H.D. Kumaraswamy who has openly rebelled against his father proves that Mr.