helmet meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
helmet meaning in tamil is தலைக்கவசம்

helmet meaning in tamil with example

helmet tamil meaning and more example for helmet will be given in tamil.
Transport Minister Kanna Lakshminarayana on Monday said that the Government was considering making helmet and seat belt mandatory in tune with the recent ruling of the High Court. The State Government has decided to make wearing of helmet compulsory while riding a twowheeler anywhere in Andhra Pradesh and an order to this effect will be issued within this month. After going out of the house he remembered the helmet and came back to wear it which saved his life. In view of this the Police Department will request the administration to make helmet wearing compulsory P R Meena told reporters here on Tuesday. Joint Commissioner of Police K.C.Mahali said the road users were being advised on safe driving need for maintaining lane discipline importance of wearing a helmet and avoiding unnecessary use of air horns. For Indian Air Force men riding a twowheeler inside their premises in the city wearing a helmet is not a matter of choice. Here are some of the guidelines issued by the traffic police and the Ness corporate governance team to help reduce risks on the road Do not start the engine without securing helmet straps and safety belts. Officers should stop all vehicles at a fixed location to determine helmet usage seatbelts and child safety seat use. Factory fire New Delhi A fire broke out in a helmet factory in West Delhis Peeragari area early on Friday morning. However officials say that unlike in Hyderabad where last week the courts cleared the way for the state government to implement its compulsory helmet policy from February here the state Government is yet to formulate a similar policy.