gunfire meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gunfire meaning in tamil is துப்பாக்கிச் சூடு

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There has been sporadic violence in which gunfire has been exchanged and a string of angry demonstrations challenging the old guard of the Fatah party which lost heavily to the Islamic group Hamas in the Palestinian parliamentary elections that were held on Wednesday. Unless politicians are able to deliver an end to gunfire and bombings the dialogue process will have little meaning to Jammu and Kashmirs people. In the past 24 hours police have found the bodies of at least 85 men killed by gunfire execution style in a gruesome wave of apparent sectarian killing the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday. They didnt want to kill us I think but they wanted to threaten us they wanted to show us who was in control. That footage 151 of the filmmakers taking refuge from gunfire in a ruined hospital 151 is in the finished film. Tension mounted in some bordering areas after the Bangladesh Rifles BDR and the Indian Border Security Force BSF traded gunfire at Hakimpur in Chapainawabganj on Thursday. Danger to childrens lives need not necessarily come from gunfire or from buried landmines nearly half the children who die in early childhood in India do so from malnutrition. The victims were among a group of Shias who were sprayed with gunfire by assailants driving in a car late on Friday in Adil neighbourhood in western Baghdad said police Lt. In one neighbourhood security forces and Shia militiamen were seen exchanging gunfire with unseen assailants who were firing from houses and buildings. Separately the military said a bomb and subsequent gunfire killed four soldiers and four civilians in Vavuniya in the north.