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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
gum meaning in tamil is பசை

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Dentists should emphasise that improving dental health generally and gum health in particular may help reduce the risk of coronary diseases he added. The operation is the gum lift a procedure that whittles away at tissue or bone to make teeth appear more symmetrical and longer. The procedure also known as crown lengthening has long been used to treat gum disease but in the past five years dentists have begun to offer it for aesthetic improvement. As well as the gum lift there is its converse the gum graft to hide the roots of teeth that are overexposed. Vidya Sagar to visit Nashik to work out the modalities for exploring the possibility of exporting gum directly better marketing of soyabean powder and contacting RUDA Rajasthan for securing better marketing avenues. The practice of doing oil pulling rinsing the mouth with oil by swishing it for 20 minutes every day is believed to cure glaucoma and will never cause gum infection he points out. Now if I do need another surgery I will come here because I will be looked after better. So far she has undergone four surgeries to cure a gum disease. Only two shamianas if one could call them were erected one for display of farm products like maize fruits and vegetables besides gum and the other for a row of stalls for handmade products. If the flying squirrel the copperhead snake and the cerulean warbler the sugar maples the black gum and hickory trees of the forest of the Appalachians were indeed all designed by god why destroy them so wantonly.