guide meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
guide meaning in tamil is வழிகாட்டி

guide meaning in tamil with example

guide tamil meaning and more example for guide will be given in tamil.
The architects were offered a plot of land at Karpunpuili in Garmur the headquarters town of the riverisland by Danny Gam a tourist guide and poet. Release of titles Academician Chukka Ramaiah would guide students on how to prepare for IIT entrance on January 7. The same political thinking that inspired us to start our political journey will guide us forward. Answering questions Mr. She is in India to attend the Kalachakra to be held at Amaravathi and accompanied by a Buddhist guide from Jammu and Kashmir. Technical reasons such as death of the guide and a negative report have been the reason for delay in the case of two students he said. Vajpayees exit from active politics there is no leader who could guide the BJP in times of trouble. Prasad and the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests R.M. Rai said the Forest Department had trained several tribal people of the area in trekking and the manner in which they should guide tourists. A tourist guide described to them how coir was made by soaking coconut husk in water for six months before being spun. Ganguly overnight 25 played some handsome shots especially on the offside but failed to guide his side to safety. The Sanghom has admitted that it should have done much more to bail out the debttrapped farmers from the State of despondency into which they had fallen and guide them on to the path of struggles against the forces that had landed them in debt and misery. Waiting for the Mahatma Guide Malgudi Days The English Teacher 10.