guessed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
guessed meaning in tamil is ஊகி

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guessed tamil meaning and more example for guessed will be given in tamil.
The spat between Chappell and Ganguly started off as a seemingly oneoff incident but no one could have guessed the extent to which that incident could assume significance. Today he might have been out just before tea caught and bowled but when the third umpire needed an eternity to decide we guessed the appeal must fail. When she even threatened to give up her life if Dasaratha sought any relaxation in them he guessed the imminent and the inevitable that would happen. At the larger arena fashion is considered to be serious business where the sartorial mood for several months is gauged or guessed at and then woven into textiles coloured into fabrics cut into silhouettes and stitched into garments. The most viewed video on the popular site for userposted videos was A New Way to Solve Problems from Austria in which a succession of a dozen or so innocent street encounters culminate in 151 you guessed it the headbutt. A 20yearold woman saved from trafficking and sent to a rescue home run by NGO Prajwala might not have guessed that many people would come calling for her custody. Sown area Farmers had perhaps guessed it at the beginning of kharif and rabi seasons that chillies were not going to fetch them a good price. Some villagers guessed officials of the Fumin county whose office faces the mountain were trying to change the areas feng shui. That the complexities and exigencies of life cannot be guessed or anticipated or predicted is well illustrated in the dramatic upheaval that upset the schedule of the fully authorised and confirmed coronation of Lord Rama.