fluidity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fluidity meaning in tamil is திரவத்தன்மை

fluidity meaning in tamil with example

fluidity tamil meaning and more example for fluidity will be given in tamil.
Add to this the passion that burns in Gong Li and the freshness and fluidity that flows from Ziyi Zhang and the result is a fantasy that stirs ones deepest desires. Immigration evokes the mythology of personal reinvention social meritocracy ethnic diversity and class fluidity at the heart of the American dream. Seemingly a little too relaxed earlier on the Swiss whose fluidity was not backed by accuracy found her bearings in quick time to set up the dream semifinal. Clotting of a blood vessel depends on the blood fluidity . Over populated countries such as China and India managed to feed their hungry hundreds of millions only because of a largely vegetarian diet said Mr.