flower meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flower meaning in tamil is பூ, மலர்

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A large number of foreign visitors were attracted by their everrevolving potter wheel that helped them makepots nonstick ware flower vases and even a smoking pipe. The Chief Ministers camp office was buzzing with activity right from the morning as people carrying flower bouquets and sweets greeted Dr. Ramasamy told presspersons here on Saturday that the flower show last year had attracted people even from the rural areas. Organisers would hold competitions in painting poetry writing and flower arrangement for school and college students. At the flower show this year there would be 70 stalls put up by horticultural industries agrobased and agriallied industries companies banks educational institutions and the health sector. Controlled conditions Though growing any kind of flower under controlled climatic conditions was possible in a greenhouse the cost of production would be quite high compared to cultivation in the open. Vadivel said that the fiveday and twoday training programmes conducted by the University in flower arrangement and landscaping regularly attracted 70 to 80 people round the year. Kerala will be the first State in India to deploy the new posters in schools and is part of a series of community education initiatives and research into how to improve treatment for snakebite being carried out in a number of institutions in Kerala such as the Little Flower Hospital at Angamaly. According to the police Latha was earlier arrested in connection of the theft of gold ornaments from among those who came to worship at the Attukal temple and from among those who arrived to see the Flower Show held at the Observatory Hills.