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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flooring meaning in tamil is தரைதளங்கள்

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As the wooden flooring in the old building was a cause for the spread of the fire in October 2000 when the GPO was ravaged the flooring of the main public hall was laid using marbles which had a wooden finish. Andhra failed to capitalise on the early breakthroughs by flooring even regulation catches much to the dismay of its coach. The Rythu Bazaar at Swaraj Maidan in Vijayawada presents a sorry look as tiles come off the flooring and sellers are forced to spread vegetables on the pathway. Cement flooring will improve the bus stand very much as there will be no water stagnation during rainy season. Subramanyam visited the Authorities complimented Vaikuntam Queue ComplexII where an aged pilgrim died recently under tragic circumstances and suggested providing carpets on the marble flooring to avoid skidding. Though the entire flooring is not being changed it will be replaced in the areas damaged due to the work. The India senior basketball team preparing for the upcoming Melbourne Commonwealth Games scored a convincing 8845 team over Karnataka in an exhibition match played on the newly laid wooden flooring at the U. What remains to be done according to the municipality sources is flooring the three tanks with concrete to prevent the sewage from percolating and polluting the groundwater. A lorry driver Ravindra and cleaner Venkatesh were killed and three others sustained injuries when a flooring stoneladen lorry rammed into a stationary lorry near Anjaneyaswamy temple at Nandalur on Saturday.