flee meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flee meaning in tamil is தப்பி ஓடு

flee meaning in tamil with example

flee tamil meaning and more example for flee will be given in tamil.
He said that investments would dry up money will flee abroad and the country will face a crippling economic crisis which nationalists of all hues can be trusted to exploit to the hilt. There were no immediate reports of a tsunami but news of the quake prompted thousands of residents along the coast of Sri Lanka 151 thousands of miles away 151 to flee toward land officials said. The modus operandi of the accused youths all aged between 22 and 25 years is to approach women walking alone on the roads on a motorcycle snatch their gold chain or pusthela thadu and flee from the scene. But an Assam Rifles spokesman said six suspects on seeing the personnel tried to flee despite a warning. Symbolic location The location is symbolic the port was a key battleground when rebels closed in on Monrovia in 2003 and forced the then warlord President Charles Taylor to flee into exile. Modus operandi Their modus operandi was that one would snatch the chain and flee while the others would mislead passersby acting as if they were chasing him. The world needs to realise that the Denmark that helped Jews flee from Nazi deportation is long gone. According to the police the accused Sanjay Chauhan was arrested when he was trying to flee along with the money kept in a handbag in his employers car in Aadishwar Apartments Complex on Ferozeshah Road in New Delhi on Monday. On August 18 2005 the Additional Special Judge for CBI Cases here granted him bail holding that he was 67 years and that there was little possibility for him to abscond and flee justice.