flawed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flawed meaning in tamil is குறையுண்டு

flawed meaning in tamil with example

flawed tamil meaning and more example for flawed will be given in tamil.
The Polavaram project report was a flawed one and hence the present design would result in greater harm for the environment he said. Although in a true democracy they must remain subordinate to their political masters they have a clear responsibility to point out when political strategies are flawed or inadequately resourced. The report said the arrests raise serious questions about the perception of homosexuality as unnatural by the State authorities and the flawed nature of Sec. The Constitutional Amendment he said was not only flawed but also injurious to the rights of a large section of the population as it denied reservation to Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes of citizens in minority educational institutions. Blair and his friends Gordon Brown Peter Mandelson Alastair Campbell struggled long and hard before they were able to present to the electorate a convincing alternative vision however flawed it might look in retrospect. The western practice of holding independent mutual fund advisers also liable for flawed decisions would reach India one day and hence advisers must study the schemes of companies carefully said G.V. Ramakrishna former Chairman Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI. Even if the claim that the Constitution has given the politicians supreme power is valid public opinion a force to reckon with even in our flawed democracy is not on their side. The builders get away with murder and it is the hapless people investing a lifetimes savings who get to live in their flawed edifices bearing the brunt of the builders follies.