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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flash meaning in tamil is மின்னல் போன்ற திடீர் ஒளி

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It is a flash moment and short attention spans ensure the media have moved on to something else before the politicians rhetoric has been translated into delivery. 151 Staff Reporter Flash strike by TNSTC staff Nagercoil Workers of State Transport Corporation went on a flash strike on Friday at Colachel demanding withdrawal of a suspension order. But before the police could react and flash the message on wireless sets the bus crossed the signal post and disappeared. Merit certificates and cash award of Rs.1000 each were given to 17 persons who saved lives when a private bus was washed away in flash floods near Pattukottai on November 25 2005. Threat of strike The AAI Employees Joint Forum has threatened to go on a flash strike that can disrupt air services. Flash in the pan But the 1967 entry into the Assembly proved to be a flash in the pan. Twelve kit bags two landmines two walkie talkie sets five detonators three camera flash lights 15 audio cassettes and a camera were recovered from the spot. The AAI Employees Joint Forum which met Minister of State for Civil Aviation Praful Patel here on Monday warned of a flash strike. The tannery effluents and sewage discharged into the river would be washed away by the occasional flash floods. The dam if built would prevent flash floods thus causing permanent contamination of groundwater sources. During the recent flash flood in Madurai district microfinance groups used the common funds to immediately close tank breaches says the team leader.