flap meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
flap meaning in tamil is மூடி

flap meaning in tamil with example

flap tamil meaning and more example for flap will be given in tamil.
A micro vascular muscle flap was planned at the Sanjay Gandhi Accident Hospital and Research Institute. Inland letters Seldom we open the inland postal letters in tact because of their flaps.Whenever we open we get three pieces and then the difficulty of reading.Will the postal authorities restore the previous one flap inland letters and cheer up the readers. Propeller flap is an emerging concept in reconstructive surgery that is getting popular in developed countries as it is useful in providing skin cover for compound fractures of the leg. Ideas and innovations Known in medical jargon as Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Phalloplasty the Gandhi Hospital Technique was formulated by Dr. Included in the Ideas and Innovations section of IJPS the procedure is recorded as the first time that a thigh flap is used for this kind of reconstruction. As does his fascination for the extra large flap of stomach skin he develops after two liposuctions later in the film or the succession of pet dogs playing humpitybumpity with a stuffed duck. Improvements have also been incorporated in the flight control system the flap operating system avionics and the electrical system Dr.