fit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fit meaning in tamil is பொருத்தமான

fit meaning in tamil with example

fit tamil meaning and more example for fit will be given in tamil.
Sandeeps proficiency with penaltycorner flicks is an acknowledged fact though in the Indian team he finds it difficult to fit in because of his limited defensive skills. The regular fleet does neither fit into the scheme in terms of manoeuvrability in the colonies nor makes sense in terms of revenue generation since the number of users could be limited. He has been given a small and immediate boost in his bid to prevent a serious challenge developing from Rafael Nadal because his nearest rival is not fit enough to compete in the first week of the new tour. Therefore it gives me great happiness that they found a Department of the University of Kerala fit enough to undertake their project. The tank has filled up to 70 per cent of its capacity which has come as a surprise for many and a rude shock for some who had brushed it aside as no longer fit for water storage. However sources in the MCC on condition of anonymity said that despite such public posturing authorities have decided that the structure was fit for demolition. Fit of anger Ratnababu told police that in a fit of anger he slapped her wife. Money is nothing but trouble from beginning to end... If I were to choose an alternative word for money that would fit the above quote today I would aspire for power. The State Government had cancelled the BOT agreement with a private firm that had constructed the bridge and handed it over to the Highways department on December 19 for carrying out necessary repair works and make the bridge fit for traffic.