fist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fist meaning in tamil is கை முட்டி

fist meaning in tamil with example

fist tamil meaning and more example for fist will be given in tamil.
Keshav Perumal won the singles title in the 65 plus age group when his opponent S.K. Rednam had to retire hurt after the score read 20 in the fist set. V rated 00 to 30 Fist Of Gold Tirol Trumpets 59 Pawan 1 Phooljhari 57 Shekhawat 2 Dame Lucky 56.5 cd. When Moodie the Wimbledon doubles champion netted a backhand on match point Roddick turned to them pumped his fist and whacked up to them as they chanted USA Would you believe me if I said every one of those is my cousin Roddick joked afterward. When we are denied even the fist instalment how can others get the remaining amount asks Arshad Pasha of Dabeerpura. Krajicek is sober undemonstrative meeting winner and error with equanimity no expression stealing across her face at best allowing herself a girlish fist pump on occasion. Federer fell behind 1540 while serving at 56 then fought back to hold shouting and pumping his fist in a rare show of emotion. IV rated 20 to 50 The Promethean Conquering Hero 151 Top Glad 59 Rajinder 1 Fist Of Gold 55 Amjad 2 Before You 59 cd. This time the Army felt that the militants precipitated the situation but it expressed regret for an operation that did not adhere to its iron fist in velvet glove policy. Physicallychallenged students with walking difficulties use the 60metrelong twometrewide ramp to reach the classrooms and laboratories on the fist floor. Other recent DS software hits let players study English raise a virtual puppy or converse with animals in an imaginary village 151 all departures from traditional games that cater to young males by focussing on sports shootings and fist fights.