fish meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fish meaning in tamil is மீன்

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fish tamil meaning and more example for fish will be given in tamil.
Fish were being grown in these tanks and the Erode district administration should take steps to popularise fish farming as it can be harvested on all days said president of Lower Bhavani Project Ryots Association C. We now have a biogas plant near the old bus stand where waste from fish and meat markets is processed. The State had already been hurt by the Union Governments decision to import pepper from Vietnam rubber from Malaysia and fish from Thailand. Without teaching them anything new the DRDA selected some training programmes 151 all revolving round fish 151 for women selfhelp groups in the affected areas. After the killer waves struck fishing was almost paralysed as the people feared the fish might contain poisonous material especially chemical substances washed away from the industrial complexes on the coast. Before the tragedy that struck on a Black Sunday the villagers had to either dry the unsold fish or sell them to poultry industries for a throwaway price. Thanks to the training given by the District Rural Development Agency to the fisherwomen on the valueaddition the unsold catch is now converted into fish pickle. In view of recent heavy rain tanks and reservoirs in the areas are filled to the brim resulting in abundant availability of fish and other types of food for the birds in the sanctuaries. In the first phase training will be given to fishermen who want to culture fish in the Pechipparai Perunchani Chittar I and Chittar II dams. Develop resources The study recommended that a system be developed to collect and compost waste from slaughterhouses and fish markets.