fired meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fired meaning in tamil is வேலைநீக்கம் செய்யப்பட்டேன்

fired meaning in tamil with example

fired tamil meaning and more example for fired will be given in tamil.
Singh said ballistic experts opined that all 42 bullets recovered from the IISc campus were fired from the AK56 assault rifle which was found on the scene. He said militants fired upon a joint patrol party of Jammu and Kashmir police and security forces at JugalSakhimadan resulting in the death of a Special Police Officer SPO and injuries to another. Militants entered the house of one Mukhtar Ahmad Wani and fired upon the inmates with automatic weapons. According to witnesses Rai led the mob that torched the house and also fired in the air to prevent others from coming to the rescue of the family. A couple of them riding a scooter fired a few shots at the policemen on guard duty and the latter returned the fire. Later two persons were seen riding a twowheeler on the main road and reportedly abused the policemen and fired two or three shots at the policemen while speeding away. It was reported that a person was seen walking on the compound wall of the DIGs residence but he jumped into the engineering college ground and ran away as the policemen fired a few shots at him. Leading 32 and facing breakpoint Bopanna first fired an ace and then produced a breathtaking forehand passing shot. The IBMs can be operationally deployed that is successfully hidden until a pushbutton raises an underground launching gear and the IBMs are fired at a distant target with complete accuracy. Two of the occupants Yunis and Ajit Singh opened fire at the police at which the former too fired in selfdefence.