financial meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
financial meaning in tamil is நிதி

financial meaning in tamil with example

financial tamil meaning and more example for financial will be given in tamil.
The main objective of the DRIP is creation of sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas through enhanced credit flow to nonfarm sector with complementary financial and nonfinancial promotional support. We have built up an unparalleled reputation and goodwill based on high quality financial service including online banking services. Nautical Science at Pallavaram in Chennai could not pursue his education due to poor financial situation of his family. In a report on suicides in the Singareni coal belt NHRC Special Rapporteur K.R. Venugopal slammed the Andhra Pradesh governments policy of promoting the sale of liquor which led to financial debts illnesses and domestic problems in the families of workers. Rural students studying in these schools found it difficult to pay fees and it was also a financial burden for the church. As far as cellphone service was concerned besides the existing 45 microwave towers work on setting up 61 towers was progressing at a fast pace and these would become functional before the end of the current financial year. The idea he added was not to merely make the rural people open the account but to provide them with financial assistance to pursue gainful employment and encourage in them the concept of saving. The federation he stated wanted the Government to provide an opportunity to the teachers to opt for subsequent increment in the PRC and extension of financial benefit from July 2003 when the PRC scales were implemented. The 100 percent banking connectivity of the village was taken up by the Indian Bank the lead bank in the Union Territory after the Reserve Bank of India selected Pondicherry for the National Pilot Project for Financial Inclusion NPPFI.