filtration meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
filtration meaning in tamil is வடிகட்டுதல், வடிகட்டி

filtration meaning in tamil with example

filtration tamil meaning and more example for filtration will be given in tamil.
He alleged that the works were being given on a nomination basis Rs.3.50 crore worth and that the MLA and MP had failed to pursue many local issues like Jampeta and Lakshmivarapupeta railway bridges stadium reservoirs and filtration points. Using the concept shrimp culture could be undertaken in minimal area with water recirculation system and constructed wetland which serve as filtration system for organics of effluent discharged from raceways he said. White shrimps and tiger shrimps could be reared using this technology in which biological mechanical and UV filtration facilities are embedded. About hundred modules magic box filtration system easy mathematical systems National Programme on Education for Girls at elementary level were some of the items on display. Samples collected by it proved that tap water was unfit for human consumption due to its high level of turbidity and that filtration and chlorination are not being done properly. Riverbank filtration The NGOs advocated the maintenancefree technique of riverbank filtration being used in Europe for more than 5 decades. Research conducted at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. recently showed that soil filtration removes some microbes that can survive conventional disinfection systems. In some ways water from riverbank filtration systems can be better than conventionally treated water. The MGP said riverbank filtration is ideal for thousands of towns and cities in India including Mysore which depend on rivers for drinking water supply.