filming meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
filming meaning in tamil is படப்பிடிப்பு

filming meaning in tamil with example

filming tamil meaning and more example for filming will be given in tamil.
While hundreds of Buddhists from across the world are busy listening to the speeches of their leader Dalai Lama a young filmmaker interested in Tibetan Buddhism is busy interviewing Tibetans and filming them. New initiative In a new initiative a fivemember group of women from the RASTA will undergo training in documentary filming at a Hyderabadbased organisation. It was very easy filming the chase shots and action shots with Ajith as he is a great twowheeler and four wheeler driver. A volunteer with an environmental activism group complained of misbehaviour by the festival security after she was caught filming plastic waste on campus. A troupe of women coartists who came to Salem to participate in the filming of a Tamil movie staged a demonstration here on Monday night protesting against the delay in the distribution of wages to them. This is the first time ever that someone has succeeded in filming the rare Red Pandas in their natural habitat. They had to use their own innovative ways to capture the delicate moments of Pandas life using multicamera setups and night filming so that the animal was not disturbed. The Slovakian nationals are reporters of a private TV media channel Slovak Television JOJ and were filming a documentary on Indian traditional navigation and the lifestyle of crew on board. As far as visas for filming goes we have to get permission from the External Affairs Ministry and that takes some time. A young man according to sources was instrumental in filming the scene but was let free within minutes after his arrest on the intervention of a senior officer.