figure meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
figure meaning in tamil is உடல் வாகு, உருவம்

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It is an impressive figure and compares well with the number of tigers in the Kanha National Park reckoned to be Kiplings tiger country. This figure went up to 26 in 1976 and there has been no looking back for the tiger ever since at least officially. He is such a semireligious figure that his death in our hands would be a great blow and embarrassment to us warned Stafford Cripps who was Minister for Aircraft Production. Today the Government had no basic data to figure out if someone from the listed community got employment through reservation or merit. Pankaj Kapadia Team which does not figure in the list of sixteen seeds also entered the last four snapping the dream run of the Chennaibased L.J. Thomas Team with a 143112 win. By 6 p.m. a record 1.75lakh passengers had boarded the Metro while the Saturdays figure stood at over 1.50 lakhs. I then wanted to know whether it might not be better for Turkey to be the first among Asian powers rather than figure at the bottom of the list in the European Union. The previous occasion when the city reservoirs had a combined storage over 7tmcft on the New Years Day was in 1997 when the figure was 7.011 tmcft. The lanky seamer used the conditions well to extract late movement to claim all the three wickets of Bengal innings with a terrific figure of 7523. Despite its claims to internal democracy the BJP has always depended on an authoritarian figure issuing commands and the rank and file of the party in turn has rendered unquestioned loyalty and admiration to its leaders.