fiercely meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
fiercely meaning in tamil is குரூரமான, கொடூரமான, கடுமையாக

fiercely meaning in tamil with example

fiercely tamil meaning and more example for fiercely will be given in tamil.
France is fiercely set against multiculturalism and does not recognise racial religious or linguistic differences in its population. As a consequence every year it has become a common phenomenon to lose forever a number of gallant youth in their rustic exuberance of flashing courage in controlling the fiercely galloping bulls. Ours is a foreign policy that remains independent since we are a fiercely independent people. Kollam Deputy Mayor N. The decision last summer to participate in elections for a legislative council that was created by the Oslo accords it once fiercely opposed was itself a straw in the wind. These tieups should make Syndicate Bank a strong player in the fiercely competitive Gulf remittance market the statement said. Lindblad and the Council of Europe adopt as fact the wildest estimates of those killed by communist regimes mostly in famines from the fiercely contested Black Book of Communism which also underplays the number of deaths attributable to Hitler. Sinha shot back Yes I will support that but let the Congress first apologise for criticising me for reducing LPG subsidy. He did not respond when he was reminded that he was criticised fiercely by his own party forcing a rollback. Guntur Zilla Parishad general body meeting on Sunday witnessed some acrimonious scenes with the Telugu Desam Party and Congress leaders fiercely blaming each other for the deletion of names from the voters lists in several Assembly constituencies. Founded in 1993 Utsavs mission is to ensure that the traditional handloom weavers survive in the fiercely competitive world of marketing.