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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Different sections of people had been approaching padayatra to pour their woes and some of them had even gone to the extent of saying that nobody had visited them like this to know their problems so far the party leaders claimed. The spat between Chappell and Ganguly started off as a seemingly oneoff incident but no one could have guessed the extent to which that incident could assume significance. The IRDA has also stated that the sum assured payable on death should not be reduced at any point of time except to the extent of partial withdrawals made during the twoyear period immediately preceding the death of the life assured. Referring to the water crisis faced by VSP he said the problem was solved to a great extent and some good progress was also made in charting the growth plan of each and every employee synchronizing their skills to the needs of the organisation. The force of a law a judicial decision or administrative act depends on the extent of its justice and justice means nothing else than conformity with the law of nature. The objective is to find out the nature and extent of potential of Mesozoic and older rocks which has the relevance in hydrocarbon exploration that is being pursued by Reliance in the KeralaKonkan basin reads the letter written by RIL to the department asking it to undertake this project. 625 crores of which there are audit objections to quite an extent and with no statutory audit except IncomeTax audit is done by Chartered Accountants the recommendation in its report for 200405 is all the more relevant.