explode meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
explode meaning in tamil is வெடி

explode meaning in tamil with example

explode tamil meaning and more example for explode will be given in tamil.
Additional security was provided to Hotel Grand Ashok following the threat that three powerful bombs will explode there at 10.30 p.m. during the New Year celebrations. The police suspect that the terrorists could have been more than one who attacked the Indian Institute of Science IISc on December 28 2005 could have panicked and beat a hasty retreat when a grenade hurled on the campus did not explode as expected. It is usually used for largescale blasting in construction and mining industries and cannot explode without detonators. As panic gripped the city a senior police officer said there were no casualties and that the blasts were synchronised to explode at the same time. According to railway police the organisation had threatened to explode bombs in 10 places if the undertrials in the Coimbatore bomb blast cases were not released. Around 145 p.m. the Police Control Room received an anonymous call claiming that a bomb would explode inside ABN Amro Bank. Police said that at around 10 a.m when the days sitting had commenced the District Court received a threat over the phone saying that a bomb would explode in the court complex within two days. If rat populations were also to explode on account of the availability of carcasses that vultures once safely disposed of diseases such as bubonic plague would spread more easily. Frustrated over rejection of his marriage proposal a youngster allegedly tried to kill his former lover and her relatives by leaking gas into the latters house and attempting to explode it at Tukaramgate on Wednesday.