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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
expansions meaning in tamil is விரிவாக்கம்

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expansions tamil meaning and more example for expansions will be given in tamil.
Concerned that its rich ecological landscape is increasingly facing threats from infrastructure expansions on the campus Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU teachers have formed a special environment committee to undertake a reality check on the universitys ecology. The reason for setting up an officecumaftersales service centre here was to provide the customers consultancy and assistance for future expansions too. 7000crore capital expenditure plan for the next fiscal that would include setting up a naphtha cracker unit refinery expansions and new product pipelines. EVEN AS the debate in the U.S. Congress sets in motion the process of implementing the WashingtonNew Delhi civilian nuclear agreement Indias neighbour China is embarking on one of the most ambitious expansions of nuclear energy capabilities in recent decades. Meanings are read into promotions and demotions of officebearers into the whys and wherefores of Cabinet expansions and who has and who has not made it to the Rajya Sabha. Chidambaram maintained that even as the AsiaPacific nations had posted a growth of 7.4 per cent last year there was a significant risk to both global and regional economic expansions in view of the surging oil prices in the international markets. Capacity expansions have mainly occurred in Uttar Pradesh U.P. where the State government has announced incentives for sugar manufacturers. A recent CRISIL study reveals that the large capacity expansions under way at some CRISILrated sugar companies are unlikely to hurt their credit risk profiles over the medium term.