exist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exist meaning in tamil is இருக்கிறது

exist meaning in tamil with example

exist tamil meaning and more example for exist will be given in tamil.
Chandy said the policy of the Government was to allow private hospitals and government hospitals to exist side by side in the State. Bangarappa said that beauty of the Indian cultural milieu was that it allowed all shades of thought and practices not only to exist but also grow with the people maintaining their own cultural linguistic and regional identities. On the other hand maybe just 12 developing nations exist where private spending on health as a share of GDP is more than in India. The shift in emphasis comes as Hamas finds itself under pressure from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and from foreign governments to accept Israels right to exist and to end its violence if it wants to be accepted as a political partner. Antony pointed out that those who were crying hoarse that the Congress will cease to exist soon were being proved wrong as the relevance of Congress was increasing at the national level. Prejudice Subtle discrimination prejudice racism do exist at the individual level though Canadian Government does a lot to reduce its impact and ensure employment equity she reveals. The proCongress wave or climate witnessed during the 2004 elections did not exist now and by working hard the Bharatiya Janata Party could regain the VisakhaI Assembly seat in the February 16 byelection BJP State president N. Research in applied sciences... should be carried out with a focus on the areas where uncertainties still exist in the ability to detect and predict natural disasters Dr.