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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
exemplar meaning in tamil is மாதிரி, பிரதி, மாதிரி வெளியீடு

exemplar meaning in tamil with example

exemplar tamil meaning and more example for exemplar will be given in tamil.
Another reason is that the hero of this epic was a class apart for He was an exemplar for humanity to emulate not only during His time but continues to be even in this age. The purpose of the Lords incarnation as Rama was to reestablish Dharma in the world and thus He had to vanquish all those who posed a threat to it by being an exemplar of Dharma. With the Forest Department declaring it a VSS unit and the NEDCAP sanctioning renewable energy programme the village quickly grabbed all available opportunities to emerge as a winner and stand as an exemplar in the region. Among them Nandanar known popularly by Thirunalaippovar after his irresistible desire to visit the Lord in Thillai Chidambaram every day stands as an exemplar to the statement that devotion alone matters to God ultimately. First we scrupulously proclaim the standing of America as a world exemplar of political freedom though this has become a sort of Hail Mary recited before yet another proantiAmerican argument.