excitation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
excitation meaning in tamil is அருட்டல்

excitation meaning in tamil with example

excitation tamil meaning and more example for excitation will be given in tamil.
On this day there are also high hopes of the 500 MW Rihand unit which had been closed due to generator excitation problem being restored. Of this about 310 MW was forced and this included a 95 MW unit at BTPS which was closed due to boiler tube leakage and a 60 MW unit at Rihand which had to be closed due to generator excitation problem. This included a 30 MW unit of Gas Turbine GT due to high vibration in turbine another 30 unit of GT due to loss of excitation and a 34 MW unit of GTSTG due to tripping of a 100 MVA transformer.