escalator meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
escalator meaning in tamil is நகரும் படிகள்

escalator meaning in tamil with example

escalator tamil meaning and more example for escalator will be given in tamil.
Escalator facility The Railways is planning to have escalator facilities in Chennai Central station at an outlay of Rs.3.5 crore. Two capsule lifts which can carry 10 persons at a time two passenger lifts a freight lift with a capacity of 1500 kg and an escalator will be provided in the building. Once the Security Council takes up the Iran matter in any shape or form the world will find itself on an escalator to confrontation and conflict from which it will be difficult to jump off. But we have also heard about the escalator accidents... accidents that happened despite the presence of security and people experienced in the art of safely mounting such escalators. Mathur said he had actually included proposals to have escalators in Secunderabad first and Tirupati next on the lines of the existing escalator at Vijayawada. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation a leading elevator and escalator manufacturing company of Japan has plans to market its product in the Indian market in a big way through its joint venture ETAMELCO Elevator Company Dubai. He also said that the Chief Minister had agreed to consider his request for an escalator footover bridge between Saket J Block and Haus Rani Park on M.B. Road. The escalator on platform number six which did not function in the afternoon began working by evening. The escalator idea was to encourage more pedestrians use them as a safer and easier option to crossing the roads at will. The private agency installing the escalator would be responsible for their maintenance for five years after which the government would consider taking over them.