epoch meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
epoch meaning in tamil is வரலாற்றின் ஒரு காலகட்டம்

epoch meaning in tamil with example

epoch tamil meaning and more example for epoch will be given in tamil.
While describing the uniqueness of Krishna Avatar she stresses the Absolute nature of the Lord and of the epoch making night of His birth. The greater enthusiasm the electorate in the Union Territory of Pondicherry have evinced in exercising their franchise in twophased poll held on May 3 and 8 is also epoch making. By no means everyone in the world has been able to abandon the stereotypes of bloc thinking and prejudice which are a carry over from the epoch of global confrontation though there have been fundamental changes in the world Mr. As China has entered a new epoch for creating an economic miracle the party is faced with various problems such as corruption low efficiency and bureaucracy and thus a selfimprovement is being urged. The cluster development programme launched by the Industries Department promises to open a new epoch for small and mediumsized enterprises in the State. The tournament should spur Digvijay as the Indian had one of his best finishes of tied third place at the Crowne Plaza last year when it was held at Grand Epoch in Beijing. For instance one such outofhome advertising and communication company called Jaycee Ads has opened a new epoch in the outdoor media communication segment by introducing the concept called street furniture. In a release N.P. Bhat working president of the Avani Rasikara Ranga said sessions would be held on Kannada Poetic Tradition and Epoch Making Poets. In what is widely rated as a historic breakthrough and an epoch making era in transAtlantic air travelling the latest open skies deal will cut air fares to the U.S. from Europe by more than a third.