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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
episode meaning in tamil is நிகழ்வு

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The inference that can be drawn out of the Ganguly episode is that Indian cricket will never shed its vagaries. According to Malappuram Manassu a group of young men who organised the event the mela will add yet another golden episode to the famed soccer mania of the land. Though the cookies were dismantled this week and the NSA issued an apology on Wednesday the episode will add to pressure on the White House to engage in a national debate about its use of the agency and its interpretation of the constitutional limits on President George Bushs presidential powers. The TV news channels reported the episode with a nonchalant attitude and no channel bothered to even check on those three brave men who tried to resist the goons only to face death one by one. The Sanjay Joshi episode had more to do with the power politics being played out at the BJPs headquarters in Delhi not Madhya Pradesh factional fights in the party he said. Ernst a scientist from Switzerland who is here to attend the 93rd Indian Science Congress cited the disgraced South Korean scientists episode and said that the President of that country Roh MooHyun wanted to have Nobel laureates from his country. The controversy over the Sanjay Joshi sex CD episode deepened further on Tuesday with the Vadodarabased school teacher suspected to be the woman in the filmdenying her involvement in the case. Chitte and her family returned to their home in Swati Society after being reported missing since the episode came to light.