envision meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
envision meaning in tamil is கற்பனைசெய், கற்பனையாக கூறு

envision meaning in tamil with example

envision tamil meaning and more example for envision will be given in tamil.
Janardhana Rao is writing a book Rebirth Mother India and Sages Envision a New Nation in which he wants to explain how the country could utilise its culture and essence of Vedas and other great scriptures for development. Srirama Desikachariar said like Arjuna who was able to behold the cosmic form of God when Lord Krishna granted him insight a devotee should similarly pray for His grace to envision Him. Legend has it that the sage who could envision the past present and future knew that Ahalya who he willed to remain invisible to all the three worlds would regain her form during the incarnation of the Lord as Rama. By the end of 2006 we hope to have 200 engineers and scientists hired locally and envision the workforce growing to over 1000 in the future Paul Hamilton president Shell Global Solutions said. They envision a traditional Poland protected by increased presidential authority with restrictions on former communists holding public office. As the organisers have explained the viewers may at times wonder at the yet another hazy image muse at the halflost smile of an unknown face but the larger objective of the expo is to help envision the history of Indian women during the era. Human rights and constitutional freedoms are too important for the judiciary to be their exclusive guardian and most liberal constitutions typically do not envision that.