entertain meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
entertain meaning in tamil is மகிழச் செய்

entertain meaning in tamil with example

entertain tamil meaning and more example for entertain will be given in tamil.
While a few clubs had roped in stars to entertain the crowds hotel guests made up for the absence of big names in several hotels in the city. I will invite Sachin and Sehwag to play in my stadium to entertain my kids and I will appoint Greg Chappel to coach my kids I will not entertain any mails from him. Many people believe that angels are the most lovable companions of a newborn and that the attendants of God entertain the infants till they grow up. A few applications for early release were pending mostly on health and family grounds but the Air Force would entertain these only if there were very strong reasons. The Europeans made matters worse by refusing to entertain any future negotiations on the issue and it was up to Moscow to restart the dialogue process by proposing the establishment of joint enrichment facilities on Russian territory. Throughout the night there were cultural programmes and orchestras performing in the city to entertain the people. Children love short stories which not only entertain but also educate them Rayalaseema Writers Federation president Sagar Zayyedi said. A group of tribal people have been identified to perform the traditional tribal dance to entertain visitors. As their favourite cartoon characters came down all the way from Disneyland to entertain them exclusively children with lifethreatening medical conditions realised their wish at Apollo Hospitals on Friday. Secular democracy could not entertain a concerted effort to make a particular group of people get together on a declared policy relating to that particular community he added.