entering meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
entering meaning in tamil is குடிபுகுதல்

entering meaning in tamil with example

entering tamil meaning and more example for entering will be given in tamil.
College festivals are now megaevents with large amounts of sponsorship pouring in not all of it accounted for by the organisers crass commercialisation dominating lumpen and drunken elements entering into brawls and misbehaving with girls. The Youth March led by Youth Congress State president K.P. Anilkumar entering Dharmashala in Kannur on Monday. Before entering this room they ransacked another room where some subjunior boys were staying Dutta told PTI over phone from Pondicherry. Nageswara Rao Visakhapatnam Bribes all the way If I become stinking rich I would give bribes to factory owners to treat toxic wastes from their factories entering rivers and the air. Aside from the bilateral and political differences the South Asian Governments have been under tremendous pressure from domestic industry to stall the process so that it can protect itself from cheaper goods entering the country through the FTA route. Hernan Crespo scored within seconds of entering as a substitute on Monday and helped Chelsea move 14 points clear atop Englands Premier League with a 31 victory at West Ham. The orders were issued after members of different teachers unions picketed his office for over four hours thereby preventing the staff from entering the premises. With some 1800 trucks entering the Kashmir Valley authorities accorded priority to vehicles carrying essential commodities. Worse still their traditional childrearing role often prevents African women from entering politics in large enough numbers to change such odious practices.