enquire meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
enquire meaning in tamil is விசாரி

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Padmanabhan started a heated argument with the reporters who reached the hospital to enquire about alleged irregularities in the hospital. There was a request from the Kolkata police to enquire into the issue P R Meena InspectorGeneral of Police told reporters. He demanded that the CVC enquire into all the irregularities and issue orders to roll back the conditions the Delhi Government had imposed on the people of Delhi in the name of issuing smart optical cards. The committee would be free to enquire into other relevant aspects of the incident the statement added. I came to know about this simple ingenious method when I approached the agent on Thadagam Road to enquire about the new cylinder promised by the automatic machine within a week. Although I was primarily in Bangalore to enquire about my fathers health I did discuss the latest political developments. The activist groups which expressed their resentment over the attitude of the Government will be sending a team to Karauli to enquire into the case. When Markfed chairman Ponnam Prabhakar tried to enquire about their identities the protesters became more agitated. He should satisfy the court that what he has done lies within his powers and therefore his action is beyond the jurisdiction of the court to enquire into it. According to the police a team from the station went to the house of Balu a resident of Sundaresa Street on Sunday night to enquire into a complaint. When the matter was brought to the notice of the ViceChancellor he immediately directed the Proctor to enquire into it and report the matter to the police.