enormous meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
enormous meaning in tamil is மிகப் பெரிய

enormous meaning in tamil with example

enormous tamil meaning and more example for enormous will be given in tamil.
The human genomic revolution has spawned an enormous amount of commentary about the possible perils of cloning and human genetic enhancement. It pointed out that an enormous political will was required to restore the canals to their original form. Do justice He appealed to the students to do justice to the enormous money invested by selffinancing colleges for broadbasing engineering education in the State. As custodians of enormous public wealth he said these companies need to not only protect this wealth but also maximise it for the welfare of the country. Blair personally to account for what has transpired to be a blunder of enormous strategic significance. The recent floods had caused an enormous damage to household property besides mental agony to the residents most of whom suffered heavy losses. Sharon leaves such an enormous vacuum is not his specific ideas 151 or the lack of them 151 about how best to achieve a lasting peace with the Palestinians and Israels Arab neighbours but the lack of clarity about the next steps. He suggested a gigantic national merit scholarship instead of setting up huge public educational institutions at enormous cost. Interest in citystate The issue has evoked enormous interest in Singapore on two counts the citystates initiative to invite foreign institutions of excellence and the presence here of over 500 alumni of the various IIMs. It was his call and there was enormous pressure on him to deliver after the Pakistanis piled up runs. Revenue officials in Tamil Nadu are weighed down by enormous responsibilities owing to a series of natural calamities such as the tsunami and floods.