enjoyment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
enjoyment meaning in tamil is அனுபவித்தல், இன்பம் நுகர்தல்

enjoyment meaning in tamil with example

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If it was the unique privilege of Devaki to have given birth to the Lord Yasoda was equally privileged to savour the unforgettable moments of Lord Krishnas childhood that continue to be a source of enjoyment and endearment to devotees. Intellectual property service in terms of Section 6555b of the Finance Act 1994 means a transferring temporarily or b permitting the use or enjoyment of intellectual property right. Entry free The ITF is open free to the public at both the venues on all the days and throws open ideas and opportunities for investment as well as enjoyment for the tourists. So feet in the air glazed mesmerised eyes on the object of our worship mind willed into a sort of minimal consciousness we came to believe that nothing can come between us and our seemingly everlasting enjoyment of one of the greatest spectacles sport has had to offer in this part of the world. These young men may outstrip their heroes they may not but such oversized labels do more than interrupt a real appreciation of them an enjoyment of the men they are and the process they undergo they bring with them an unwitting burden. The focus is on the enjoyment of meat before the period of abstinence that follows during Lent the time of fasting and penance in the Christian calendar. A trust for the benefit of a minor with the right to enjoyment of the income only after he attains majority had become popular because of the decision of the Supreme Court in CIT v M. R. It may therefore be seen that the creation of a trust for the benefit of a minor with postponement of right to enjoyment beyond the period of minority will unnecessarily lock up the funds or assets with no tax benefit as has been suggested.