enemy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
enemy meaning in tamil is பகைவர், விரோதி

enemy meaning in tamil with example

enemy tamil meaning and more example for enemy will be given in tamil.
The Congress he said was capable of taking on the LDF and the CPIM its main enemy in the State on its own. The Congress he said was capable of taking on the LDF and the CPI M its main enemy in the State on its own. Shabuddin and Varma took the fight to the enemy camp with a whirlwind 114run partnership for the seventh wicket. There is more uncertainty than clarity surrounding Wednesdays Palestinian elections though this much is plain Hamas the Islamist movement designated a terrorist organisation by the U.S. and Europe and considered a mortal enemy by Israel will be joining the legislature. The Smerch Tornado mobile rocket launcher can haul 14 7.5metre long missiles in a single salvo over 90 km wiping out enemy force on an area of over 67 hectares. The MLAs told him that they regarded the Congress and not the BJP as their natural enemy in the State. We decided to attack the enemy forces that came for combing operations into the interior and organised the first ambush in AOB in midDecember. This desire on the part of almost every authorityperson to redefine and expand his or her institutional limits is bound to become the enemy of good governance. Common enemy The BJP was not our enemy at any point of time said Srikanth a JDS taluk panchayat member from Holenarsipur and pointed out that the Congress is their common enemy. The enemy have designed and distributed a map where national borders are erased and replaced by a global extremist Islamic empire. Mr. We have to review our mistakes but you have to as well because we have a common enemy 151 feudal aristocracy.