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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
egoism meaning in tamil is சுயநலம், தற்பெருமை

egoism meaning in tamil with example

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Arrogance and egoism become the cause of evil in people when it makes them blind to goodness and virtue. Such a true devotee is ever content compassionate free from egoism and selfimportance unshakable in his faith towards the Supreme Being selfcontrolled and balanced in outlook. An Acharya qualifies to the role of leading his disciples towards attainment of Moksha only when his knowledge of the Vedas is matched by an unflinching devotion to the Lord total absence of egoism and outright renunciation of wealth and desire. It is only those people prompted by an arbitrary desire for power admiration egoism or ostentation who indulge in these practices that include methods of habitual selftorture. Even more distressingly he says these protected elites justify their egoism by couching their discourse in terms such as justice and equality.